Man notices unexpected message on the bottom of Arby's bags Arby's

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The roast beef contained within Arby's bags is only the last step in the self-basting process. Because the FDA views lean cuts as a lean cut, it is an ideal food for an objective market. Concerns about its chemical composition, as well as a super processed state, have been cited as a factor in its low consumption.

Man notices unexpected message on the bottom of Arby's bags Arby's

As the video from Austin Bennett (whose TikTok bio says he's "CEO of Arby's") shows, your typical Arby's bag describes itself as a "25 lb. Mod Bag 1-5 items.". While it's hard to say exactly what "Mod" means, the "25 lb." part seems to be accurate. As the TikTok demonstrates, one can use the bag to lift a 20 lb.

The Reason Arby’s Takeout Bags Can Hold A Ton Of Weight 12 Tomatoes

The name should be self explanatory — it's beef of the roasted variety. Yet when Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributor John Kessler asked the internet what Arby's roast beef actually is, responded with culinary nightmare fuel: "At Arby's, the roast beef is delivered in a liquid form in a bag. Then employees will squirt the liquid onto a flat tray and bake at 350 degrees for a.

Fine Print on Arby's Bag Reveals an Unexpected Truth

But one restaurant's beat out the rest. Arby's takeout bags (their slogan is we have the meats) apparently can handle a large amount of food. One Tik Tok user, Austin Bennett ( @culinarybb ), posted a video showing the bottom of a bag. It reads, "25 lb. Mod Bag." So he put it to the test with a 20-pound weight, and, well, just see for yourself:

Arby’s bags leave the astounded

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I had heard Arby's bags were strong, but daaaaaaaang. (Also, she ripped

Over the years, Austin Bennett has enjoyed countless trips to Arby's. Recently, after finishing his go-to meal of a double Beef 'N Cheddar with Curly Fries and a Sweet Tea, Bennett's friend noticed something he'd never seen on the bottom of the Arby's bag: the words "25 lb. Mod Bag 1-5 Items*."

Man notices unexpected message on the bottom of Arby’s bags THE NEWS

In the spirit of Mythbusters, this TikTok user decided to test out that claim by placing a 20-pound weight in that bag (which appeared to be slightly grease-soaked), picked it up, and whaddya know, the bag held.His friends were (sort of) amazed, as were the thousands of equally bored TikTokkers who took the time to comment. One noted that their Whole Foods bag couldn't stand up to the weight.

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Turns Out Arby’s Bags Can Hold a LOT of Weight Food borne illness

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Austin Bennett, the person behind the TikTok video (and who now lists "CEO of Arby's" in his bio) astounded viewers by placing a 20-lb. kettlebell into the Arby's bag and lifting it by the paper with ease. As for the question in the caption of Bennett's video—"why are your bags so strong"—Arby's was quick to respond.

Arby's Turns Guinness World Record Into OneofaKind Bags

Probably not. If you did, you may find what TikTok user Austin Bennett did — the words "25 lb. Mod Bag 1-5 Items.". The first question that comes to mind is this: Can a paper bag from Arby's really hold 25 pounds? Bennett and his friends luckily had a 20-pound weight available, which they then placed in the bag and lifted.

TikTok Is Buzzing About Arby's Bags. Here's Why

Austin Bennet and his friends recently noticed that the bottom of an Arby's bag says that it can hold 25 pounds, Yahoo Lifestyle reported. Using a nearby weight, they were able to test the bag.

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Man claims he accidentally purchased an Arby's menu sign instead of a TV. Most of the time, thriftiness is close to godliness. That's probably not true in this case. TikTok user h1t1 shared a video in which he explained how a thrifty electronics purchase went wrong — or so he claimed. "Someone really just sold me a flat screen TV for.

You Won't Believe This About Arby's Takeout Bags — Eat This Not That

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