Dutch Bros Kicker Irish Creme Breve (Updated 2023)

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Is the Irish Cream Breve alcoholic? Not talking about Rock Lobsters, the delicious breve is mixed with orange and ( alcohol-free ) Irish cream. How do you make an Irish Cream Breve? Ingredients: 3/4 oz Irish Cream Syrup. 1 shot espresso. steamed Half and Half. Directions: Combine ingredients in a 12 oz cup. Mix well. Yield: one 12-ounce serving.

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26. 383. 383. It's your lucky day when you're sipping on an Irish Cream Breve! Made with Irish cream flavor, rich espresso, and frothy half and half, you'll be over the rainbow for this perfectly light and creamy drink. Available hot, iced, or blended. Also available Sugar-free.

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The Kicker is a deliciously-crafted Irish cream breve that brings together a blend of espresso with half and half and Irish cream syrup. It can be consumed iced, hot, or blended. The Kicker is a powerful beverage to prepare you for the day ahead.

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An Irish Cream Breve typically consists of the following components: Espresso or Coffee: The base of an Irish Cream Breve is usually one or two shots of espresso or a strong brewed coffee. Baileys Irish Cream: Baileys Irish Cream is a key ingredient that adds a rich and creamy flavor to the beverage. It contains alcohol and dairy.

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Irish Cream Breve. There's nothing more classic than a Kickerยฎ! A delightful breve with a blend of espresso, half and half and Irish cream syrup gives you the kick you need to have an awesome day! Available hot, iced or blended! Iced. Hot. Nutritional Information. L . M . S . Calories. 510 430 290 Total Fat. 34G 27G 15G Cholesterol. 110MG 90MG

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Pour all of your ingredients into a blender along with a cup of ice and blend until frosty. 4. Make it an Irish Coffee. Pour the shot of espresso into a glass, followed by a shot of quality Irish whiskey and the Irish cream syrup. Don't steam the half-and-half. Just froth it and spoon it on top of the espresso.

Dutch Bros Kicker Irish Creme Breve (Updated 2023)

Indulge in the ultimate creamy delight with our Irish Cream Breve recipe - a luxurious coffee treat perfect for any time of day!

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9-1-1 (6-Shot Irish Cream Breve) Annihilator (Chocolate Macadamia Nut Breve) Golden Eagle (Vanilla & Caramel Breve W/ Caramel Drizzle) Kicker (Irish Cream Breve) Difference Between Latte & Breve. The main difference between a latte and a breve is the type of milk that is used. A latte is made with whole milk, while a breve is made with half-and.


Main Components. The main components for an Irish Cream Breve recipe include: 1/4 cup of Irish Cream: You can use a store-bought brand such as Bailey's, or make your own homemade Irish Cream by combining ingredients like cold cream, whiskey, sugar, and chocolate syrup for an Irish cream creamer taste. 1 cup of half-and-half cream: This is a mixture of equal parts whole milk and light cream.

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Irish cream breve is a delicious coffee beverage made from freshly-brewed espresso blended with steamed half-and-half and topped with a generous splash of Irish cream syrup. It's an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed either hot or cold, making it the perfect pick-me-up any time of year!

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Put a saucepan over a stove, set the flame to medium, and add half-half into the pan, but only steam it avoid to boiling it. Note. Steam the required quantity of the half-half in the saucepan, like take 10 oz of it for a small size cup, 12 oz for a medium, and 14 ounces of half and half for a large glass.

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For something a little stronger, the Irish cream breve involves adding a measure of Irish cream liqueur, while the bourbon breve goes a bit further with a shot of bourbon whiskey. Or for something weaker, the decaf breve is a perfect choice for those who love the taste and creaminess of a breve but prefer to avoid caffeine.

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What's in it: White chocolate sauce, creme de menthe syrup, breve, and espresso As its name implies, the Ninja is a sneaky good go-to for a great many Dutch Bros baristas, and for a logical.

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A breve is made with creamy milk, half and half cream or heavy cream. A latte can have a whole host of flavor varieties like hazelnut, vanilla, pumpkin spice, Irish cream and many, many, many more. You can't flavor a breve, flavored syrups don't work so well with this drink.

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The Irish Cream Breve is a creamy blend of hot coffee and half cream, giving it a decadent, rich texture. For those unfamiliar, 'breve' is an Italian word that essentially refers to a latte made with half milk and half cream. The addition of Irish cream flavor makes it an irresistible choice for many. The flavor captures the essence of the.

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Instructions. Follow these simple instructions to make a breve. Step 1: Add Irish Cream Syrup to coffee cup. Step 2: Pour hot espresso over top of syrup. Step 3: Pour steamed espresso over top of espresso. Step 4: Spoon foam on top of half and half layer.