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Good Chop currently offers two plans, the Medium Box and the Large Box. Rather than breaking down the cost by the price per cut of meat, each box is a designated flat-rate price. The Medium Box is $149 and the Large Box is $269. Shipping is always free which is a huge plus considering the price isn't exactly cheap.

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ButcherBox's cattle are 100% grass-fed throughout their lifespan, while Good Chop starts grass-fed but finishes their beef with grain. Butcher Box has free-range chicken certified as organic meat, while Good Chop does not. Overall, ButcherBox meat delivery has a more natural and sustainable product. When ordering a Butcher Box, you only have.

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Why Good Chop? 100% American. Only family farmers and independent ranchers who share our concern for animal welfare and sustainability. Certified sourcing. USDA-organic certified beef and poultry, PQA-certified pork, and MSC-certified seafood. Really natural, always.

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The products so far have been great! The only disappointment was the bag with the scallops delivered had a hole and the scallops had escaped and were loose in the box. The dry ice had all disappeared but the products were all still frozen, so no issue as far as this was concerned. Date of experience: January 26, 2024.

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Enjoy quality meat and seafood from domestic family farms and fisheries with flexible deliveries and 100% customizable boxes. Shop on Good Chop. Visit the Good Chop website to set up a subscription, which can be paused or canceled at any time. You can customize a 14-pound box for $149 or a 28-pound box for $269.

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Best for Game and Exotic Meats: Fossil Farms. Best Subscription Service: ButcherBox. Best Budget: Good Chop. Best for Families: Rastelli's. Best for Meat From Small Farms: Porter Road. The Best Organic and Pasture-Raised Meat Delivery Services for Quality Proteins.


Good Chop is a meat delivery service. You can build your box by choosing between 25 kinds of organic meat cuts. You can also choose between medium or large boxes. This is a subscription service. You set up a subscription, and a meat box is sent to you every four weeks.

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ButcherBox has all grass-fed and grass-finished beef from Australia, while Good Chop has all USDA, US-raised beef with some grass-fed options. ButcherBox has more beef and chicken options, while Good Chop carries more seafood options. ButcherBox has custom and curated boxes, while Good Chop was two sizes for custom boxes.

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Good Chop recommends this option for large families, with 6 people. There are up to 72 serving sizes inside of this box, running you about $3.74 per meal. You can also store the meats inside of this subscription box inside of your freezer for up to one year. There are 12 items you get inside of this box.

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This includes six steaks, two packs of thick-cut bacon, two pounds of ground beef, and one of Crowd Cow's gourmet salt tins. Whole Chicken Family Pack for $80.00. Chicken Breast Family Pack for $42.50. Ground Beef Family Pack for $37.50. Premium Ground Beef (X2) — this was free due to a new member special.

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And while Good Chop meat products aren't all organic or grass-fed, it is refreshing because the service allows customers to get sustainability-sourced products from humanely-raised animals on environmentally conscious and vetted farms without the premium price. Both box sizes seemed reasonably priced compared to other subscription services.

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Large Box. Suited for large families- and large freezers, the large box offers up to 74 portions and allows you to select twice as much- 12 items- from the Good Chop menu. The meat and seafood are good for a year in the freezer. Priced at $269, or $229 on promotion.

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Good Chop review: First, I will give you my honest opinion on the high-quality meat delivery company, which source provides Organic Grass Fed Meat Delivery and Wild Seafood through organic meat delivery - (spoiler alert). Further, I created this site to share my knowledge of healthier meat and food options than conventional food. In addition, for health reasons, I have changed my diet to.

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Good Chop has a range of organic chicken products including organic chicken breasts, drumsticks, wings, and thighs. Shop Good Chop Rastelli's Organic Chicken. Starting as a butcher shop in 1976, Rastelli's has since expanded, now also offering seafood alongside their premium meats.

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Good Chop is an up-and-coming meat delivery service that specializes in all-natural beef, chicken, pork, and seafood that is grown in the United States. The company appears to be owned by the meal delivery kit giant HelloFresh . Good Chop's high-quality meat and sustainably sourced seafood may appeal to many different households, including.

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A Good Chop meat subscription box is more affordable than you think… Skip the trek to the grocery store - get high-quality meats delivered for a HOT price! Between the time-saving luxury of not going to the grocery store and the satisfaction-guaranteed quality reassurance from exclusively American-raised, USDA, and free-range meat, there.