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Stir the mixture to ensure that all the coffee grounds are wet. Cover the jar or pitcher and let the mixture steep in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. After the coffee has steeped, strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter. Serve the cold brew coffee over ice and add any desired sweetener, cream, or other.

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In your finest china, start with a half-cup of sparkling lemon ginger probiotic. Stir in STōK Un-Sweet Cold-Brew Coffee and Earl Grey tea for a one-two punch of invigorating flavors. Squeeze in some lemon, as well as some downtime to properly enjoy. < All Recipes.

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Step 5: Enjoy Your Stok Cold Brew Coffee. Your Stok-inspired cold brew coffee is now ready to enjoy. You can drink it as is, or add your favorite creamer or sweetener. Store any leftover coffee in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. Conclusion. Making your own Stok Cold Brew Coffee at home is an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy this.

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Step 1. In a jar, stir together coffee and 1½ cups cold water. Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight or 12 hours. Step 2. Strain twice through a coffee filter, a fine-mesh sieve or a sieve lined with cheesecloth. In a tall glass filled with ice, mix equal parts coffee concentrate and water, or to taste. If desired, add milk.

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You could go out and buy SToK. But thanks for staying home. We're celebrating 4/20, #NationalColdBrewDay (yes,it's a real thing) with tips on how to make it.

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Stok Cold Brew - Stok is serious about their coffee. Their cold brew uses a higher ratio of coffee beans to water than hot brewed coffee. They steep it at 10 hours at low temperature to allow for slower flavor extraction.. More Cold Brew Recipes: I love whipping up cold brew recipes at home. Saves me time, money, and I can customize it to.

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Salted Caramel Cold Brew. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes and pour the salted caramel coffee over the ice. Next, pour the creamy salted cold foam into the glass. Hold the foam back while you pour in the milk, and save the foam part for the top of the drink. The layers of dark to light before you stir this cold brew is simply perfect.

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Directions. Grind the coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency. In a French press or large mason jar, combine the coffee grinds and water. Stir and top with the lid. Steep at room temperature or in the fridge for 12 - 24 hours. The longer it sits, the stronger the coffee taste. To make the vanilla cream, combine the cream, soy milk, vanilla.

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Instructions. In a 1-quart wide-mouth mason jar, combine the coffee and water. Stir to combine. I like to let my mixture rest for about 5 minutes and stir it again; the coffee grounds seem to gain more water exposure this way. Put a lid on your container and refrigerate it for 12 to 18 hours.

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How to make a cold brew coffee martini. 1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. 2. Add the vodka, cold brew coffee concentrate, Kahlua, and cream. 3. Securely cover with the lid and vigorously shake for about 30 seconds to mix, chill, and work up a little foam. 4.

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Most of my mornings begin with a workout so I try to get in a little extra protein in anywhere I can early in the day.  This recipe is my morning go-to as a protein packed cup of joe!

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Go to Recipe. 8. Iced Lavender Cold Brew Latte. Get your caffeine fix with a refreshing twist and make this iced lavender cold brew latte! It starts with a rich, full-bodied brew with a few drops of lavender syrup. The mix is topped with milk and dried lavender for a creamy and eye-catching look.

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Dilute and ice it: Most cold brew recipes (including ours) make a concentrate designed for longer shelf life and require a little water and ice for a balanced cup. Use a 50/50 ratio of cold brew to cold, filtered water and serve over ice. Personally I like to sweeten the cup by making my own sweet cream at home, too.

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Ingredients. 1 part STōK Un-Sweet Cold-Brew Coffee. 1 part tonic. Grapefruit essence.

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TL;DR for their brew method difference vs traditional: more coffee than normal in the coffee-water ratio, 10-12 hr steep at room temperature, filter/refrigerate after. r/coldbrew.

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TIME & PATIENCE, NOT HEAT. Hot brewing forces the flavor from the bean. But cold brew takes its sweet time. So we steep for at least 10 hours at lower temperatures. A low & slow steep brings out bold, one-of-a-kind STōKness.